Experience with MaxCDN’s Content Delivery Network

maxcdnHaving hosted several websites on a shared web hosting account, my sites were competing for resources with other websites. This often caused longer page loads and a reduction in traffic (since Google has also placed emphasis on page load duration for its search results rankings). Hence, I decided to use a content delivery network to maintain speedy access to the website and reduce resource and bandwidth overload.

Having heard about MaxCDN‘s reputation and affordability from several sources, I decided to try out MaxCDN when they rolled out their promotional discount last year. While I was annoyed with the unfamiliarity of implementing a CDN, the staff from MaxCDN were extremely helpful and made the process easier. The website I chose to implement MaxCDN on is Way Of Ninja, which runs on WordPress and slightly resource heavy due to my configurations. The CDN was integrated through a plugin named “CDN Linker”.

After integrating the CDN, Way Of Ninja was visibly faster and the bandwidth statistics thereafter was significantly reduced. If you are running a business website (or any site that requires speed of access), do try out MaxCDN’s starter service. They are presently offering a 25% discount on both their starter and business CDN package.

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