Wordbay, A WordPress Plugin To Display Ebay Items

Do you need a WordPress plugin that displays and updates your Ebay products on your WordPress site automatically?  Consider using Wordbay.

What Is Wordbay?

Wordbay enables Ebay sellers and affiliate marketers to display Ebay items on their WordPress website (self-hosted) via a shortcode. You can restrict the Ebay items to be displayed to certain sellers, keywords and categories. And you can choose to organize different products into different pages.

Origins and Uses for Wordbay

The Wordbay plugin was developed by Mark Daniels,  who placed it on the WordPress repository for free back in 2008/2009. I was one of the early users of his plugin back then, while experimenting with Ebay affiliate marketing. I managed to earn some passive income spanning months.

Upon the change in the Ebay API, the plugin had to redeveloped from scratch. It is no longer free, but is very affordable ($37 till October 3 midnight). I’m a subscriber of Mark Daniels’ newsletter, and am also a customer who had bought Wordbay(after having experienced the free version).

Wordbay Will Be Raising its Price within 24 hours

Why have I, all of a sudden, mentioned Wordbay here? I was informed that the plugin price will be raised on October 3rd midnight and wanted to give anyone (who needs an Ebay related plugin) the chance to get the plugin before the price is raised.

So, find out more about Wordbay and decide for yourself if you want to buy Wordbay at $37 (if you make the transaction before the deadline).

I know that his website’s landing page looks messy, but give it a chance. This is a good product.

Note: Plugins can be used with WordPress self-hosted only (WordPress.org). WordPress.com does not allow you to install plugins.